The Gadget Show Live | Exhibition Stand Design

13/04/12 - Posted by in Exhibitions

We went to the gadget show live on Tuesday of this week to visit our client Mendmyi.

Our talented creatives designed their exhibition stand so we went to have a look around and see the final product in all its gadgety glory.

So who are Mendmyi? They pride themselves on being the only company that allows you to customize you iPhone, iPod or iPad to the specification that you want. They also provide a repairs service and parts if you fancy giving it a go yourself.

Our team did get a bit distracted by the retro games/computer games dotted around the exhibition including Mario Kart ’64, a Furbie and the original Tetris on Gameboy. These retro gaming stands attracted lots of 20-something visitors looking for a touch of nostalgia or a least a look at some games consoles that they were too young to play the first time round.

We decided to give a virtual award to the best and worst Gadget at the show. The best gadget was the 3D printer. Its potential is staggering. We watched as it printed a blue whistle which was given fresh off the printer to Pete. We also took some souvenirs of the feathered variety back to the office with us to go with our collection of various random objects including a giant wooden @ symbol and several Chinese money cats.

The worst Gadget award goes to what can only be described as a flying saucer helmet. This was a helmet with a band of light around it; even the manikin looked embarrassed to wear it. The principal was there but it was not executed particularly well.

One thing that amused us somewhat was a company called ‘Fanny Wang’ that sold headphones. After doing some research it appears that the company is based in America – which may be why they may not see how humorous their name is…

Whilst we were there 50 Cent was endorsing ‘Sleek Headphones’ made by the company that manages him. We didn’t stick around for long enough to hear much about the product but had the ‘is it really 50 Cent’ and ‘it can’t be 50 Cent’ conversation, which we heard many times over as we wandered away from his interview.

One thing we were very impressed with was Aurasma’s augmented reality app for newer generations of iPhone, iPad and some Android phones. Jessica Rabbit (who wasn’t all bad, just drawn that way) was wandering around the exhibition stand and caught our eye and lured us in to see the impressive app at work. The app is capable of recognising images, symbols and objects and understanding them. The app then shows relevant content delivered right in front of your eyes over the top of what you are viewing through your devices camera. This was something you see on Star Trek but we saw it at the Gadget Show Live.

It was an interesting day all in all and we were proud to see our work at the Mendmyi stand and show our support to our client.

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