App of the week #27 / Digital Magazine on your iPhone


“Flipboard creates a personalized magazine out of everything being shared with you, from Instagram photos and Facebook updates to Tumblr posts and articles from your favorite publications.”

I’ve covered the iPad version before and its finally been released on the iPhone today. Flipboard is your own online magazine which you can customise with favourite websites, news/Twitter feeds, photo/video streams and social media accounts. It pulls all this content into the app and lays everything out into digital pages for you to flick through and interact with. There are no ads and it formats content so its easy to scan and read, removing all the clutter from the websites. Once setup it eliminates your usual routine of jumping from one site to another, all the news comes to you in one seamless visual experience. An intuitive interface helps you warm to Flipboard quickly. Instead of swiping sideways on the iPad, you swipe up and down to change the page. The good thing about having both version’s is now you can share your favourites across both devices. If you’re not sure what websites to add, Flipboard presents their own directory of recommended ones. This is really useful as I’ve found some great design, music and technology websites which I read everyday.

This app which was named Apple’s iPad App of the Year and one of TIME’s top 50 innovations of 2010, carries the same principles that Windows 8 have incorporated into their new mobile interfaces. Thats personalised content from various sources fed straight to one customisable interface. The iPad version is much better due to the larger screen but i still think this is a big improvement on the Safari browser experience.

See it on the app store.