App of the week #29 / Freeview on your iDevice

11/02/12 - Posted by in App of the week

“Watch live UK TV on demand, with the convenience of an app. Select from a wide selection of freeview channels including, news, sports, movies, music, shopping, and children’s TV.”

The app which is an extension to the TV Catchup website, streams all the Freeview channels to your device if you dont have a box or dont happen to be at home. Whats nice about the interface is that you can see what else is on at the same time as watching a channel without having to change screens. This is something only the 4od app features. I find this app useful as i dont actually have a TV in my bedroom anymore. Its free to register and you can use the same account on your computer or laptop.

See it on the app store. 

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